Correigidor Island

Today we took a cruise to Corregidor Island which was invaded by Japan in WWII.  The island served as strategic importance because it blocks the entrance to Manila Bay.

The American Forces and Philippines were forced to surrender but then was taken back several years later by the US.  This means the island withstood not one but two devastating attacks.

Its amazing to see what once represented the first line of defense for Philippine Bay in now a place of tourism.

There is so much history between our two countries.

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Philippines Stock Exchange and Manila sites

We departed for the Philippines Stock Exchange where the group was met with Mr. Jay Penaflora who briefed the group on the history and workings of the stock exchange.  After Mr. Penaflora’s presentation, there was a 30 minute question and answer session followed by picture taking.

We then had a “city tour” of old and new Manila.  This included: the US WWII Cemetery, Forbes Park, New Manila, Makati, Fort Santiago, Casa Espanol, and San Agustin Church.  Everyone appears to be in good spirits and health.  Tomorrow finds us traveling across Manila Bay to the Island of Corregidor, where the US Forces led by General Douglas MarArthur held off the Japanese invaders in 1942. Below are photos of the Philippines Stock Exchange:

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Arrival in the Philippines

The  15 hour flight from JFK went fairly fast because of the 100 movies and games on Cathay Pacific airplanes.  We are settled in Makati, the financial district of Manila and after eating, most students went to bed.    All students and faculty are tired from the journey, but all appear to feel well and to be looking for the first day of adventure and learning on Wednesday January 5th.

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