Dinner at Cafe Deco In Hong Kong

Earl and I had a great dinner and conversation with some colleagues from Hong Kong Babtist University.We discussed business in Asia, politics, and of course Professional Sales and Marketing.

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Baguio City Adventures

A short winding bus trip through the Cordillera Mountain Ranges brought us to the Tam-awan village where we discovered an ancient Philippine Village nestled high up. Students hiked on the trails and viewed artwork, jewlery and handcrafts prepared by the villagers.

We stopped at a silver shop where they actually made handcrafted silver jewelry right in front of you!

We also went to a lookout point in the mountains for an excellent back drop of photos (see below).  We then traveled to Camp John Hay to check out opportunities for golf, relaxation, and other fun and games such as zip-line and paintball for our upcoming day of adventure.

After Lunch at SM Mall we took a trip to the local market to work our bartering skills for various handcrafts, hats, and clothing.

-Dave B.

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Baguio City

Today we are leaving from the Mactan-Cebu International airport bright and early in preparation for our travels to Baguio. Up at 5-5:15 am, we have a 1 hour flight to Manilla and than a 8 hour bus ride to Baguio City. On our travels to Baguio we will be seeing the Pinatuba Volcano outside of Angeles  which erupted in 1991 and devastated the entire area covering it with aprox. 1 ft of ash. Photos to follow!

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Cebu Business and Hotel Visits

Today, Tuesday (1/11/11) we visited the Timex and Fairchild Semiconductor factories and listening to presentations from their Accounting and Finance and Educational staff, respectively. The factories were very secure and they would not allow us to take our cameras inside to take any shots of the factories. We also got to visit one hotel, which was 5-stars and got to tour the whole resort. All of the students’ jaws hit the floor seeing the blue water beaches and man-mad lagoon that surrounded the resort. The resort-featured amenities such as a fresh water pools, rock climbing wall, and even a shooting range!

It was an excellent day overall, and has ended in an excellent week here in Cebu City. Wonderful people at the University of San Carlos, and I can say on behalf of the other students we are having an excellent time.

We had a wonderful farewell dinner featuring a cultural dance from the USC Dance Team. It was an excellent display and dinner was nice too. We showed some of the Philippine students how we like to dance in the states, we had so much fun!


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Tour of Cebu

On Saturday we had an excellent tour of the city of Cebu, and the surrounding areas. Some of our students got involved in a pickup game of basketball with locals, while others reveled in the historical sites. I personally, being a fireman, went over to the local firehouse to check out their apparatus and gear in the firehouse. It was an excellent experience seeing the cultural sites and being able to interact with the local people and even the children too (see our photos)

-Dave Brown


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Classes at the USC and CCCI Visit

On Monday we had lectures at the University of San Carlos that was surely a treat. We met with the President of the University, and various professors in different competencies of study ranging from history to business.

We also visited the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and proceeded to ask questions about businesses and their involvement in creating a better Cebu.

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Cebu City

We arrived yesterday in Cebu. We are getting ready to spend the next two days at University of San Carlos but before that we were able to get familiar with the local areas yesterday afternoon. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. Stay tuned for some great posts.

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